Wow now I can actually say something about thee mavs and not feel guilty because they arent national sports. but anyways the mavs had a mediocre game on moday night wich ended up with the heat just tinking worse than the mavs. oh yea and we also leans what happens when Stackhouse runs into Shaq, three stitches in the nose. Dirk had a bad night but Jason JET Terry came through for the Mavs. wade had a ok game but he had no one behind him backing him up. the Heat's bench only scored 2 points the whole game! so the Mavs bench can score points when the rest of the team is having a bad night. But the secret of the succes is that they have a good coach. Avery Johnson is a great coach and Nothing agaainst Don Nelson he was a great coacch but he probaby wouldnt have gotten them this far.

So Go mavs and lets roll on sunday.