The Bond's Debacle

FOXNews.com - Barry Bonds Shouldn't Be Allowed to Break Babe Ruth's Total - John Gibson | Judge Napolitano | John Gibson | Big Story Weekend: "Barry Bonds is heading to the plate Tuesday night to try to hit the homerun that would tie Babe Ruth's total. And if he is fortunate to hit two — which would break Ruth's total — it will make Bonds the No. 2 all-time homerun hitter.

Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig should be waiting for him at home plate to send him back to the dugout, back to the clubhouse, back home and not let him near a major league ballpark until the issue is settled once and for all whether Bonds arrived at this historic moment on the strength of arms and legs juiced up with illegal steroids.

I think it is obvious he did. I can't think of any serious person who doubts it. The book 'Game of Shadows' by two San Francisco Chronicle reporters is evidence enough for me. The reporters demonstrate with clarity and authority that Bonds got to where he is on illegal drugs.

He should not be allowed to break a hallowed baseball record by cheating."

In an era where steroids were not illegal, and any other player on the field could have used them, why in tarnation should he not recieve what he has earned? Babe Ruth played in his era, Barry Bonds is playing in his era.
Here's a question. Is the pitiching easier or harder then it used to be?
Are the parks the same size as they used to be?
Is the game the same it used to be?

Despite the pitching being harder, the ball parks being bigger, and the game over analysed to any detail, Barry Bonds is still hitting the home runs in this league. If he breaks the record, he has earned it.
He has already earned his way in to the Hall of Fame.


At May 10, 2006, Blogger DAWEED said...

If babe Ruth could do just as well as Barry Bonds without the steroids.

then I ask who is better?

At May 11, 2006, Blogger Palm boy said...

Different leagues.

In Babe Ruths league, the pitching was different, and no one knew what steroids were.
In Bond's league. the pitching is some of the best in history. There were no rules against steroids, and everyone knew what they were. Use of them was and is rampant, not just Bonds.


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