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In 10 years, the Tennessee Titans' first two picks of 2006 will be regarded as the greatest one-two steal in draft history.

The Titans got Vince Young with the third pick -- just the way Michael Jordan fell into the Chicago Bulls' happy laps. Then the Titans snatched LenDale White -- who should have been a top-10 pick midway through the second round?
In 10 years, Vince Young will have won two Super Bowls and will be a cinch Hall of Famer.In 10 years, LenDale White will be considered even better than Jerome Bettis was as a chain-moving touchdown machine. If, moments after the Texas-USC national championship game, you had told me the Titans would wind up with Vince and LenDale

In 10 years, Reggie Bush will be known as a Pro Bowl back who isn't always there for his team when it needs him. It's baffling why his USC teammates, White and Winston Justice, fell because of "character" issues but Bush didn't. Perhaps Bush's alleged two-year dealings with a documented gang member did play a small part in the Texans' opting for Williams, though they insisted it did not.

In 10 years, Denver fans will look back and say, "Mike Shanahan won a Super Bowl on April 29, 2006." Incredibly, Shanahan went from coaching the favorite in the AFC Championship Game to trading all the way to 11th in the first round -- and stealing the Jay Cutler pot.But in 10 years, Cutler will be regarded as the NFL's most exciting quarterback. He will have won at least one Super Bowl throwing to Javon Walker, whom Shanahan stole from Green Bay for a second-round pick


At May 04, 2006, Blogger Palm boy said...

Mike Shannahan is too smart.

Its annoying, because there aren't that many teams with that calibler of coach.

At May 05, 2006, Blogger DAWEED said...

Yes so is the GM of denver unlike the GM od Houston and Breen Bay


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