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Howdy folks.

I'm the politics guy, a hardnosed conservative that you probably know from my other blog.

But I also love sports, NFL in particular, with a occasional love for Hockey and Baseball.
I watch the mavericks in the playoffs, but not anymore then that.

Who I root for:
Green Bay Packers
Cleveland Indians/Texas Rangers
Dallas Stars
Dallas Mavricks
Texas A&M

So, I'll try to do some wide coverage, but don't be mad if it slants twoard the NFL.

NFL: Draft is saturday! Where will Vince Young go? I also wonder if the packers will get another QB, since they drafted Rodgers last year.

MLB: Gosh, the rangers are mediocre.

NBA: Mav's schooled the Grizzles, and Dampier came out to play. Jason Terry had several hot streaks, and Dirk N. was excellent as always.

NHL: Man, that was a heartbreaker last night. Stars go down to the Avs 0-3 in the first period, then come back and score 4 in the second period. Avalanche come back and tie it with like 3 minutes left in the third period. I go to bed, because its well night 11:00, and the Avalanch win in overtime. Bummer. Now the Stars are down 2 games to none.


At April 25, 2006, Blogger DAWEED said...

Yes folks he is a packers fan.
He has never been to Green Bay, at least I have been to Denver.


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