The Next Gunslinger?

Jay Cutler-Ex Vanderbelt QB First round Denver Broncos Draft pick.
Jay is coming into a team who's QB has a couple more years left which gives Cutler more time to practice and get settled in the big leauges.


Has a very strong arm...Good size...Pretty good athlete who is able to move a little...Sports a quick delivery with good accuracy...Patient player who will go through his progressions...Tough guy who will hang in the pocket and take a hit...Throws well on the move...Strong and durable with a lot of experience...A team leader with top intangibles...A gamer who comes up big in the clutch.

Mechanics will still get pretty dodgy at times...Footwork is very eratic...Will take unnecessary risks and make some bad decisions...His gunslinging mentality can morph into recklessness...Has too much confidence in his arm at times...Struggles throwing the deep ball...Has not had a lot of success at the college level from a team perspective...Body has taken a lot of punishment throughout his career.

his weaknesses make me think of the original Gunslinger. Brett Farve. (Brett is a great player)


At May 01, 2006, Blogger Palm boy said...

hey, David Carr is a gunslinger too. Look where it got him...

59 sacks. :D

At May 01, 2006, Blogger DAWEED said...

a gunslinger without a line.

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